My Story Was Published!

"Why didn't you tell me you had a story in The Democrat?" my dad asked over the phone as I stood in my childhood bedroom. "Right, I forgot to mention that," I said. "I didn't know when it was coming out. Is it in the paper?" A smile spread across my face. I had submitted… Continue reading My Story Was Published!

A Vietnamese Garage That Reminds Me of Home

As soon as we arrived at the garage of Cuong's Motorbike Adventures, full of U.S. Army Jeeps, motorbikes, and stacks of spare tires, I knew we had made the right decision. This garage was my kind of place. I was ready for a 3-day motorbike tour of northern Vietnam.  I had been nervous about the… Continue reading A Vietnamese Garage That Reminds Me of Home

Washing Our Clothes By Hand in a Bathroom Sink in Vietnam

This morning, I stood in front of the hotel's bathroom sink that looked like an over-sized pho bowl, squeezing dirt from Joe's blue T-shirt in water that was gradually turning a coffee-with-milk color. This dirty water was a result of our travels–our strain and our sweat. Warm bubbles floated up between my fingers. My arm muscles… Continue reading Washing Our Clothes By Hand in a Bathroom Sink in Vietnam

Advice on Taking the Amtrak Cross Country? Maybe Don’t.

Well, Joe and I made it back in two pieces from our Amtrak trip across the country, from D.C. to San Francisco. But only because we radically altered our plans along the way and didn't actually take the train across the entire country. Otherwise, we would have gone insane. Our trip ended up looking like… Continue reading Advice on Taking the Amtrak Cross Country? Maybe Don’t.

The Wrong Train Took Us Through Charlottesville

We got on the wrong train. Well, we were booked on the wrong train from D.C. to Chicago. Our train took 8 hours longer than it should have. Plus, it arrived 3 hours late. We either sat up or crunched into fetal positions for 28 hours and breathed in only 4 minutes of fresh air… Continue reading The Wrong Train Took Us Through Charlottesville