Saving Money When Eating Out

A friend shared this link with me: Saving Money When Dining Out

I like this article. It’s like a stealth mission aimed at enjoying oneself, damn it, even if that means putting a little extra work into making eating out cheaper.

I haven’t used many restaurant coupons before, like Groupon or others, because I usually just tell myself that I don’t need it. In reality, I eat out anyway but without a coupon, so I might as well admit to myself that restaurants are enjoyable enough to be a “necessary” expenditure once in a while. And if there’s a way to do it a bit cheaper, I’m all for that.

Some of the most interesting advice: drink beforehand at home. Hey, wine by the glass is expensive, so get a little sauced on the cheap and THEN go eat. Just don’t get too drunk or you’ll end up eating way more food than planned and/or making a fool of yourself in public. Neither is advisable.

Also, an iPhone update: It came and I think I love it. However, I accidentally went over my data plan in the first 24 hours and racked up about $200 in overage fees (not going into details here, I’m embarrassed enough admitting it). I almost cried, but instead called customer service and they dropped the fees; however, I won’t have a data plan for this entire first month. So I think I love the phone but I’ll have to wait around 26 more days before I can say for sure.

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