Money-Free Mondays

Here’s the plan: I’ll continue spending no money, but only one day a week. It’ll still be a challenge, (especially because I’ve already got an invite for tonight to a happy hour. I can enjoy the water), but it won’t be as overwhelming as not spending money at all.

One day a week, no money on entertainment, restaurants, clothes, etc. I’m going to still allow myself the necessities from my 30-Day-Challenge (see post #1) because deferring my grocery shopping to Tuesday or not allowing myself to travel doesn’t make sense.

I won’t allow myself to pre-purchase tickets to a concert or something happening on a Monday either. The goal is to do things that don’t cost money and have never cost me money in the past, so I’m not allowing for that little loophole.

Why Mondays? It has a nice ring to it, Money-Free Mondays. I also don’t work Mondays so I don’t have an 8-hour-stretch of time where I am incapable of spending money (except for maybe a staff run to Chipotle but still, it would be too easy). I don’t work on Fridays either but not spending money on Fridays just seems… silly.


  • Live as cheaply as possible throughout the week, but buy nothing on Mondays
  • Cook one meal using scratch ingredients every Monday (or at least once a week)
  • Find awesome free ways to entertain myself
  • Bike to work once a week
I’ll use resources such as the Going Out Guide’s Free and Easy section, the Free In DC blog, the guide to eating well cheaply Poor Girl Eats Well as well as any other resources I stumble across.
(I also already know that I’ll have to defer Monday, September 5th to Tuesday the 6th because I already bought tickets to a concert… whoops)

This feels like a good compromise. I might think differently if a Monday Night Outdoor Folk Concert Series (featuring all of Tiffany’s favorite artists and only cost $10 a night!) starts up this Fall, but the chances of that are slim, right?

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