The Aftermath

I have to admit, I fell off the wagon after this challenge ended. I don’t consider shopping an addiction, so it wasn’t a relapse, but I did spend stupid amounts of money on stupid things. I told myself “I deserve this, I’ve been so good”, but the feelings of guilt and worry that ensued made it less than enjoyable.

All that freedom I felt last month flew out the window, and although I am stabilizing now, it made me realize that I’d like to (perhaps need to?) keep this blog going. Let’s call it blogging rehab.

On August 13th, the day after my challenge ended, I spent $16 on drinks at Dodge City and $4 on pizza from a food truck. I woke up feeling like hell for multiple reasons, but mostly because I dove head first back into my old spending ways.

On the 14th, I bought a concert ticket for $21, and although I avoided the $7 online charge by buying tickets directly from the venue, I became hungry while walking there and spent $10 on lunch (If I split the difference and call it a $3 lunch, it’s a steal!)

On the 15th, $18.15 went to dinner and beer at Thunder Burger. It was DC Beer Week, so I had to try the beer, right?

On the 17th, Beer Week Trivia Night, a “free event”, cost me $12 for mac-and-cheese and, of course, beer (I may be sounding like an alcoholic on top of a spend-a-holic).

Either way, this all adds up to (oh, it’s painful, don’t make me)…. $81.15.


So while I don’t want to to continue the No-Spending-Challenge or keep track of every dime, I’d like to turn this blog into a How-to-Guide for living cheaply. Although I may not sound like an expert based on last week’s extravagance, my mother has taught me well. She is the queen of couponing, sales and finding bargains and has passed down these traits to me.

I’ll link to Free in DC often, I’m sure, but this will hopefully provide insight for people living everywhere into ways to save money but still enjoy a good life. Like my challenge, this blog is unplanned, so we’ll just have to see where this free-dom (ha ha, get it?) takes us. Andiamo!

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