Day 29- Almost there!

I spent $0.50 for a tip for a sample of gelato at a coffee event that was otherwise free (other than that I spent nothing in the last two days).

I have one more day until I can start spending money again. It’s almost sad to have this end, I’ve enjoyed the challenge and the response I’ve gotten from people who supported the idea. I’ve been debating continuing the spending celibacy for another 30 days (heck, why not try a year?) but I don’t think it’s necessary.

Matt Cutts was right in his video that originally inspired me to do this challenge. 30 days is a good amount of time for something to become a habit. And I’ve learned a lot during this month. Mostly I’ve learned to just do what I want to do.

I challenged myself to ride my bike to work once a week, and while I only did two out of four weeks, I still did it. I went to free events. I made food from scratch. I didn’t buy food out and noticed that I usually didn’t want the frozen yogurt, burrito, etc. that other people around me were eating anyway. I used to eat with others because I felt obligated to join or convinced myself I needed the food, but now I realize that I have control (and I can count on one hand the number of fried foods I’ve eaten this month).

“Capitalism gives us everything except what is free.” – Levine, Not Buying It

I can spend my money the way I want to, and if that means not spending it at all, then that is perfectly fine. Sometimes it makes other people feel awkward, but there’s nothing that can be done about that, and usually people don’t care one way or the other.

Now comes the fun part- tomorrow I’ll tally up how much I spent this month compared to last month. If it’s not a major difference, I will be sort of disappointed. However, the main goal was not to save money, it was to buy less, and I know for a fact I’ve accomplished that goal.

Total spent so far: $406.69

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