Day 18- So close but so far

This is what I get to see when I ride my bike to work. What have I been doing relying so much on the underground dungeon called the metro?? And biking costs $0!
I (almost) spent no money the last two days. Go me! I didn’t realize how often I pulled out my card to pay for things (with an intangible digital number on a computer screen being the only indicator that I’ve spent money), but I notice how little I use it now.
I did have to buy a headlamp ($15.89) to use while biking or running at night. I categorize my personal safety as a necessity. But I had a 25% off coupon (plus free shipping), so I saved $5. Go me again!
I am dying to go to a concert at the 9:30 Club though. They cost money. Grr. Maybe there’s one on Aug. 13th…
Total spent so far: $281.56

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