Day 15- Halfway there!

My halfway mark  was spent at the doctor and lying on my couch in pain. The upside- I didn’t spend any money on a birthday dinner (for which I was willing to cheat) but I spent $14.51 on medication fixing myself. Give and take.
Is this wide of a selection of detergents really necessary??
It’s only been 15 days (which sometimes feels like an eternity and sometimes I wonder why I haven’t done this all along), but I already notice changes in myself:
  • Reduce
    • I don’t buy packaged products and make noticeably less trash
  • Reuse
    • I’ve saved jars to reuse and have worn clothes that I have but don’t wear often
  • Recycle
    • Well, I already recycled stuff but saying it felt so right
  • Other positives
    • I don’t feel like my money is slipping through my fingers like sand
    • I feel more in control, less stressed
    • I notice the ridiculousness of consumerism even more than before
      • Example below: Kleenex disposable paper towels for home bathrooms
“Your hands are only as clean as the towel used to dry them.”
Really, Kleenex?
Total spent so far: $265.67

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